Technology to wash digitally printed fabrics

EasyWASH – professional system to wash digitally printed fabrics.
Washing system for small and medium volumes of digitally printed fabrics

easyWASH is an innovative professional system to wash digitally printed fabrics. It is a washing system designed for small and medium volumes of digitally printed fabric. The washing process, after the correct fixation of the ink on the fabric, is necessary to remove the excess of dyes and chemical products and to improve the soft touch of the fabric.

Thanks to its extraordinary compactness and versatility, easyWASH, the digital printed fabric washing system, can be easily installed into any production department in combination with one or more textile inkjet printers using reactive inks, acids or any other chemistry that needs washing.


Motionless technology to wash digitally printed fabrics

The exclusive motionless technology, which derives from Cibitex’s long-term experience in the construction of textile finishing systems, allows easyWASH to wash reels of fabric up to 200 meters (variable depending on the weight of the fabric) in small spaces and with great ease-of-use.

In the same way, it allows you to wash small quantities of digitally printed fabric limiting the waste of energy. easyWASH is in fact designed to minimize the consumption of precious primary goods, above all, water and electricity. Thanks to a water supply system with separate tanks with different temperatures and high thermal stability, consumption is drastically reduced compared to conventional washing systems.

easyWASH is built with quality materials and standards of the highest level in the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components, which ensure full productivity and reliable 24/7 operations. Pilotabile in remoto.

Remotely controlled
Like the other modules of the Cibitex finishing line for digitally printed fabric, easyWASH washing system can also be operated on the machine or remotely via a simple and intuitive touchscreen interface. The practical loading system of the reel and the possibility of using and setting presets, allows even less experienced operators to complete the washing cycle and to unload the reel for subsequent drying.

Washing fabrics with fabric softener or other chemicals

Although it is generally sufficient to perform the washing cycles using only water, for particular applications – such as particularly heavy fabrics or the need for a certain finishing effect – there is the possibility to add a fabric softener directly into the water during the wash cycle. , a detergent or any type of chemical product according to customer needs, thanks to the presence of two special tanks.

Why washing printed fabric?

This operation is necessary to remove from the fabric the unfixed colorant, the thickener, the products of reaction and the reactants still present on it and no longer needed, which may adversely affect the correct use of fabric printed by the end user.

Indispensable in the case of traditional ink chemistries (mostly acid and reactive), in many cases it is recommended or even required for pigments, dispersed and sublimation inks.

Why easyWASH?

easyWASH was created to overcome the criticality imposed by conventional washing systems that require large amounts of water, energy and space. Thanks to its extraordinary compactness and versatility, easyWASH can be easily inserted into any production department, it operates with reduced water consumption and minimum energy requirements.

The exclusive motionless technology, resulting from many years of experience in the construction of textile finishing plants, allows to wash digitally printed fabrics rolls of up to 200 meters (variable depending on the fabric weight) in less than an hour.

Automation and optimization of the fabric washing process

Full integration: easyWASH is designed as a stand-alone unit to be positioned in the print production department, serving one or more mid-range inkjet printers.

1. Separate water tanks with heating system
easyWASH can be supplied with a water heating and storage unit. The system is composed by three independent tanks fed by a single line, each one with its own heating system, the temperature of which can be managed independently. The special insulation of this unit allows the water, once the required temperature is reached, to maintain the accumulated heat for several hours. The control unit is integrated into the easyLINE management via tablet.

2. Independent water supply
To ensure optimal control of the water flows entering the washing cylinder, easyWASH offers the opportunity to connect up to 3 different input tubes. Operated by pneumatic solenoid valves, it is possible to control opening and closing via a tablet, for better energy efficiency and washing capacity.

3. Perforated washing tube
Unique in its kind, the easyWASH washing system with perforated tube allows to maximize the cleaning effect of the water flow. Thanks to the special holes and the injection pressure control, the system reaches the maximum energy efficiency, significantly reducing the waste of water, electricity and additives. It guarantees at the same time the excellent results both on small samples and on rolls up to 200 meters*.
* May vary depending on the type of fabric

4. Mixing station for additives
easyWASH comes complete of a power supply system and dosing of chemicals. Equipped with a specific dosing pump and two tanks, the unit is able to mix the main products used during washing procedures with the water, maximizing the efficiency and drastically reducing the consumption.

5. Variable-stroke self
ADAPTIVE FLANGES Made entirely of stainless steel, the variable-stroke flanges are a useful option to allow each perforated tube to manage the different widths of washable fabrics. The presence of a spring inside the flanges alsoenables to ensure a perfect contact with the edges of the roll even in the case of width reductions of those fabrics with reduced dimensional stability.

Technical specifications

Main applications:
Professional washing unit for small and medium volumes of digitally printed fabric

Fabric washing technology:
Perforated beam


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