Post-dyeing cleaning

Why washing woven and open-width knitted fabric on perforated beams after CPB dyeing or reactive printing?

Washing of woven and knitted fabric after the cold pad batch dyeing process or reactive printing of fabrics is necessary to remove all the colour which is not fixed.
Washing of woven and knitted fabric is carried out to improve the colour resistance and fastness of colour. The washing process ensures that the colours are properly set and do not run or bleed.

Why Flushbatch?

The Cibitex washing process can guarantee the highest standards of quality in terms of fastness of colour. This efficient washing requests a limited space on floor for its installation and a low consumption of energies.
The production and controls on the machine are fully automated with the supervision of all the production necessary data for machine setting. Our machine is the result of a long experience and research in close contact with end users and Cibitex’ customers spread all around the world. Such experience is put at disposal of all our new customers who select Cibitex solutions for their washing after CPB dyeing process or reactive printing process.



Our sanforizing and our shrinking plants for open knitted fabrics are recognized worldwide, together with our denim finishing lines


Pre Treatment

Discover our range of advanced technologies and customized platforms for drying, singeing, causticizing, mercerizing


Post Treatment

Discover our innovative system suitable to wash fabrics after dyeing and printing, with unique performances in terms of colour and fastness and energy saving


Digital Textile

The easyLINE for pre and post-treatment of digitally printed fabrics includes coating, steaming, washing, drying and color fixation


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