Wool is the most important and widespread animal fiber derived from sheep and ram fleece through spring shearing (sometimes twice a year) of livestock. Wool can be easily dyed with different dyestuff: acids, premetalised, chrome, vat, reactive etc… The main purposes include clothes, knits, alone or mixed with other fibers, technical purposes (filters etc.), blankets, carpets, felts, etc. Among the main processes, which use flat wool fabrics for clothing purposes, there are preparation treatments such as: carbonising, treatment with sulfuric acid for the removal of fibers and plant waste, fulling, wet treatment for controlled felting, treatments with Angra, mainly sulfur-based. Whereas the main finishing treatments after dyeing range from fulling in dry with specific auxiliary softeners to shearing, singeing, decatising and final compaction with Sanfor machines with rubber belt, which determine the hand and the final look.

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