Piqué cotton

It belongs to lined fabrics. Due to the interlace, it is normally made by two chains, an interlace warp and a filling warp. With one tight chain and and a loose one during the process we obtain the piqué effect. Hot item for the manufacturing of men’s clothing called “Polo” made with the typical collar made on flat knitting machines that suits different uses. It can be yarn-dyed, piece-dyed, mercerized, etc. in combination to collars for sportswear and casual clothing, with special line effects for navy clothing. The manufacturing process reflects classic processes, from mercerization, dyeing, and finishing with effective compaction performed with Sanfor machines with rubber belt and cylinder steaming at the entrance. Piqué fabric is often combined with elastomeric threads (Lycra) in order to increase elasticity and catch, or with polyester threads to increase strength if aimed at extreme sports or technical/industrial use.

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