Fleece cotton

Fabric derived from wefting that develops through the insertion of additional thread, usually a thick one, that does not form knits but binds to the base fabric by inserting with a loop on a needle and as a floating thread on the other needles according to the ratio. The particular structure of this product makes it suitable for raising either in tubular or open, and before or after dyeing. In order to obtain correct dimensional stability copper coating is fundamental and it must be done by fully vaporising and over-feeding, and by compacting with rubber belt in order to recover tensions and make the item suitable for manufacturing tracksuits. An alternative to manufacture technical items, which require greater performances, is the use of synthetic fibers together with cotton blend or thread, which allows the thermo-setting of the synthetic part by increasing the final stability, or to obtain stability and elasticity as for mixed items made of both cotton and Lycra.

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