Velvet is a type of fabric that has either thick hair (joined or cut velvet) on the right face, or a series of tiny loops of wire. It is made in the frame with very thin yarns using two warps, one of which for the base (warp coarse) and one for the hair (warp hair), and a single plot. The velvet frame must be provided with two beams, one for the warp coarse and one for the hair warp that should be much higher in length than the other because hair wires must go a long way to go around to the irons. There are wool and silk velvet fabrics, though cotton is the most common when we are referring to velvet. As for hairy fabric, the usual term is velour.


What’s easyWASH?
easyWASH is the most innovative system for professional washing designed for small and medium volumes of...
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What’s easyWIND?
easyWIND is a powerful motorized high-precision unwinding/rewinding coupling designed specifically to wind...
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BlueTEX Impianto di finissaggio/sanforizzazione tessuti denim


The BlueTEX series of machines are designed for finishing and achieving dimensional stability on denim fabric. Cibitex denim finishing lines lead...
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ShrinkTEX W Series  Impianto di restringimento sanforizzazione tessuti

ShrinkTEX W Series

The ShrinkTEX W Series compressive shrinkage plants are designed for achieving dimensional stability on woven fabrics.

They have a double...
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Ready Impianto di restringimento sanforizzazione maglia in aperto


After carefully analysing the market and understanding the absolute need for a machine both suitable for processing open-width knits and at a...
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SingeTEX series WK is especially made for the treatment of open-width knits.

Studying the new series of singeing machines for open-width...
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RollTEX drying plants for woven fabrics are always built according to the specific requirements of our customers such as the number of rollers,...
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FlushBATCH Impianto di lavaggio su subbio perforato


The innovative FlushBATCH system is essential for the washing stage of woven fabrics and open width knits dyed in a padder.

The machine...
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