Rib cotton

Some of the simplest and least requested fabrics on the market, but suitable for the manufacturing of both men and womenswear. The classic rib is 1:1 in which straight and reverse are identical in the recurrence of the weave, but there can be a different ratio and be called after it: rib 2:2, 2:1 and so on. The manufacturing process is similar to that of other knitted items and can be finished in tubular felt compactor or open-loop on rubber belt compactor, Sanfor, wheich gives the best results. Rarely mercerized or raised, often combined with elastomeric yarns for the manufacturing of medical articles or inserts and wrists of different materials.


What’s easyWASH?
easyWASH is the most innovative system for professional washing designed for small and medium volumes of...
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Easy Steam


What’s easySTEAM?

Designed to operate in combination with low and mid-productivity textile inkjet printers running with...
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ShrinkTEX WK Series Impianto di restringimento sanforizzazione tessuti e maglia in forma aperta

ShrinkTEX WK Series

The ShrinkTEX WK Series compressive shrinkage plants are designed for achieving dimensional stability on woven and open-width knitted fabrics....
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RollTEX drying plants for woven fabrics are always built according to the specific requirements of our customers such as the number of rollers,...
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CleanTEX Sodatrice-mercerizzatrice


CleanTEX causticizing/mercerizing machines for woven fabrics are suitable for small and medium production around 2400 m/h and are manufactured...
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FlushBATCH Impianto di lavaggio su subbio perforato


The innovative FlushBATCH system is essential for the washing stage of woven fabrics and open width knits dyed in a padder.

The machine...
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