Linen is a fiber made from cellulose by almost 70%. Like all bast fibers, linen has an average elementary fiber length ranging from 20 to 30 mm., its width is approximately 20 to 30 microns and the fiber has a polygonal section. The fiber has a shiny appearance and a cool and slippery hand. In case of moisture this fiber absorbs water swelling moderately; if burned, it produces a fine black-gray powder, as it is made from cellulose.

Sanfor ®

Cibitex Srl is a world manufacturer of compressive shrinking lines for woven fabrics and open width knitted fabrics. 

With our...
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What’s easyWASH?
easyWASH is the most innovative system for professional washing designed for small and medium volumes of...
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Easy Steam


What’s easySTEAM?

Designed to operate in combination with low and mid-productivity textile inkjet printers running with...
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BlueTEX Impianto di finissaggio/sanforizzazione tessuti denim


The BlueTEX series of machines are designed for finishing and achieving dimensional stability on denim fabric. Cibitex denim finishing lines lead...
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ShrinkTEX W Series  Impianto di restringimento sanforizzazione tessuti

ShrinkTEX W Series

The ShrinkTEX W Series compressive shrinkage plants are designed for achieving dimensional stability on woven fabrics.

They have a double...
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RollTEX drying plants for woven fabrics are always built according to the specific requirements of our customers such as the number of rollers,...
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SingeTEX W

SingeTEX series W is especially made for the treatment of fabrics. 

Studying  the new series of singeing machines for...
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FlushBATCH Impianto di lavaggio su subbio perforato


The innovative FlushBATCH system is essential for the washing stage of woven fabrics and open width knits dyed in a padder.

The machine...
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