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What’s easySTEAM?

Designed to operate in combination with low and mid-productivity textile inkjet printers running with acid and reactive inks, easySTEAM is in the forefront of the textile printing industry. Thanks to its long-standing experience in textile pre-treatment and finishing plants, Cibitex has designed easySTEAM according to the steaming requirements of professional users in the clothes, linen and soft signage industry.

One unit, many fabrics

The steaming process produced by easySTEAM is comparable with the chemical process normally achieved at dyeing plants. It’s suitable for a wide range of fabrics printed using reactive and acid ink chemistries on the most popular textile inkjet printers.

Easy operation with tap water and without pressure

Even if powerful and highly-efficient, easySTEAM doesn’t work under pressure and it stands out for its ease-of-use and easy integration within existing workflows, even if operated by inexperienced employees. When installed at digital printing plants and service shops, easySTEAM uses the steam produced by its own steam generator, powered by the electrical system. The water utilized in the steaming cycle is regular tap water. The entire steaming cycle, regulated by an automatic timer and steaming pre-sets, ensures excellent results, stability of printed fabrics and unattended production except for loading and unloading operation.

Modularity and productivity for growing printed volumes

According to customers’ requirements, easySTEAM series is designed to easily answer the fast growing needs of production speeds, versatility and quick turnaround times. Each easySTEAM unit can load up to 50 meters of fabric per cycle, with an average productivity up to 600/700 linear meters/day on a single shift,depending on fabric’s type and weight. More easySTEAM units, all managed by one operator, can be placed side-by-side in order to follow the growing steaming requirements of printing companies running multiple inkjet printers.

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