Poplin is a thin cotton fabric with cool and dry hand, it is shiny, compact but soft. Nowadays it is a very compact and durable fabric although fine, light, made of different yarns, cotton, silk and man-made fibers, often in blends. Yarns are extremely thin, twisted, mercerized, and result in a fresh tissue, for lack of hair, and smooth. Poplin is suitable for clothes and linen and it is the main fabric for the manufacturing of men's shirts. It used to be only white, then pastel color and, in order to satisfy fashion needs, it is now produced also in bright colors.
BlueTEX Impianto di finissaggio/sanforizzazione tessuti denim


The BlueTEX series of machines are designed for finishing and achieving dimensional stability on denim fabric. Cibitex denim finishing lines lead...
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ShrinkTEX W Series  Impianto di restringimento sanforizzazione tessuti

ShrinkTEX W Series

SingeTEX series W is especially made for the treatment of fabrics. 

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Ready Impianto di restringimento sanforizzazione maglia in aperto


After carefully analysing the market and understanding the absolute need for a machine both suitable for processing open-width knits and at a...
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ShrinkTEX WK Series Impianto di restringimento sanforizzazione tessuti e maglia in forma aperta

ShrinkTEX WK Series

The ShrinkTEX WK Series compressive shrinkage plants are designed for achieving dimensional stability on woven and open-width knitted fabrics....
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RollTEX drying plants for woven fabrics are always built according to the specific requirements of our customers such as the number of rollers,...
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SingeTEX W

SingeTEX series W is especially made for the treatment of fabrics. 

Studying  the new series of singeing machines for...
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CleanTEX Sodatrice-mercerizzatrice


CleanTEX causticizing/mercerizing machines for woven fabrics are suitable for small and medium production around 2400 m/h and are manufactured...
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